Thursday, October 22, 2009

What is This About?

A number of strands have come together that have resulted in creating this blog. This blog will be focusing on family history and geneology. Along with that, to a lesser degree, will be some focus on the local history of the area where I grew up.

The family history and stories will focus on the four families of my own ancestory; Newcomer, Gray, Bavin, and Britton, and also the families of my wife Nancy's ancestory; Williamson, Clarke, Jidov, and Morar.

The local area where I grew up is the part of Hillsdale County, Michigan known as Wright Township which includes the communities of Prattville and Waldron. One of the focal points of that local history is the Michigan 18th Infantry Regiment and that regiments connection to the steamship Sultana which in late April of 1865 exploded and sank in the Mississippi River just north of Memphis, TN.

I will be bringing together in this blog a number of things I have previosly published elsewhere on the WWW. Some of those were on my Geocities pages and with Geocities going defunct, I need a new place for those items, thus the creation of The Neukomment Files.

Neukomment is the English transliteration of the German family name we now carry as Newcomer. And with that introduction, here we go....

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