Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Britton Line of Ancestory



Cecil C. BAVIN (1893-1927)/Dollie Lucy BRITTON(1889-1974)

Orendo Wilber BRITTON (1852-1017)/Angelia Elizabeth SLOAN (1857-1923)

Lucius BRITTON (1807-1883)/Phebe HART (1809-1860) *1

Benjamin BRITTON (1769-1857)/Sarah (Maiden name not known.)

William (IV) BRITTON *2 (ABT 1733-1778)/Mary LATHAM (1744-1827)*3

William (III) BRITTON (ABT 1700-1783)/Sarah WOODWARD (????-1795)

William (II) BRITTON (ABT 1671-1725)/Lydia LEONARD (1679-1773)

William (I) BRITTON *4(BEF 1655-????)/Mary PENDLETON(ABT 1652-1732)

*1 Moved from Vermont to Michigan.
*2 William (IV)Britton served in the Revolutionary War
*3 Mary Lathem's family is traced back to the Chilton Mayflower family.
*4 It is the parentage of William (I) BRITTON that was the focus of the "Origins of the New England, Westmoreland, NH, Brittons" discussion posted earlier.


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Vital Records of Taunton, Massachusetts to the Year 1850, Vol II Marriages; NEGS, Boston Mass; (1928) pg. 69-70

Marriage Record of William Britton & Mary Latham, Aug. 10, 1766, Westmoreland, N.H.

Britton Family Records; Un-published records and notes collected, verified and compiled by Carol M. Newcomer.

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