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Copy of will and Memorandum of Ulrich Nekoment of Hellem Twp.

[This is a transcription from a copy of the English translation from the German. My father got this English copy a number of years ago when in Pennsylvania.]

Copy of will and Memorandum of Ulrich Nekoment of Hellem Twp. [Hellem Township, York County, Pennsylvania]

Ulrich Newkoment, Hellam Twp, Aug. 18 1787, Magdalena Executor, Book "G-203"

"Book - G-203". MEMORANDUM, That Letters Testamentary with original annexed were granted to Magdalena Neukomet, one of the executors of the estate of Ulrich Newkomet late of Hellam Township, deceased. Inventory to be exhibited in the Register's Office at York on or before the eight- eenth day of September next coming, and an account or reckoning on or before the 18th. day of August next or whom thereunto legally required. Given under my hand and seal of office at York, the 10th. day of August A.D. 1787.

N.B. Benjamin Hershey the other executor having renounced.

Translation of will from the German of Ulrich Newkoment.

I Ulrich Newkoment of Hellam Township, York County find myself at present weak and infirm in body yet of sound mind and memory, and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die. Therefore I do make this 26th. day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy- seven, my last will and testament as follows;

First, it is my will that all my just debts shall be paid; and

Secondly, I give, bequeath and assign all my movable and unmoveable estate to my beloved wife Magdalena Newkomet for and during the term of her natural life, wherefore she shall mantain and school and otherwise educate the younger children as well her circumstances will admit, this I say, she is to enjoy without any disturbance or interruption of any of my children as long as she lives.

Further, it is my will after my wife's decease, such moveable goods as shall be then remaining shall be divided equally between all my children, and this my dwelling plantation I give, that is to say after my wife's decease, to such or any one of my children whichever of them shall give the most or best price for it, and the amount or price of the plantation, and also all the moveables shall be divided in equal shares amongst all of my children. My first wife's daughter Anna shall have her equal share and no more. Likewise my eldest son Christian shall have his equal share and no more, and also to all my children to each one an equal share.

Further, I do make my beloved wife Magdalena Newkomet and my trusty friend Benjamin Hershey of Lancaster County, executors of this my last will and testament, declaring this and no other to be my will and testament, done the day and year above mentioned.

Ulrich Newkomet (His mark)


Henry Strickler

Bastian Brawie

Christian Newkomet (His mark)

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